LVision Sport Tracker

Entertaining and interactive live sport widget, an immersive live sports experience for your customers on your sportsbook website.

LVision innovative sports data visualisation Widget will enable your customers to track and follow any live Tennis match at your application/website, with real time data, insights and special notifications.

Converting live streaming into data and statistics, this widget combines a single camera video shot animation of the entire match, along with special insights to create an unbelievable immersive sports experience, like never seen before.

Now, you can show your customers the live match animation, along with interactive tracking data such as: player’s information and shot type, players’ position on curt, ball position, ball speed and distance, Match results and much more.

LVision Real-Time Sports Data

Sports Data Visualization

  • Reduce your Costs by streaming an animated inexpensive live media data

  • New Sports Content – Increase your Revenues

  • Get more Engagement by showing live visualization of all match action on real-time.

  • Improve Customer Satisfaction with immersive, interactive and entertaining experience.

  • Fully Customizable – Increase your brand awareness and reputation.