New Dimension of Sports Data

Increase your revenues using the unique live sports data of LVison. A new data experience with live content, straight to the point. Fast and reliable match play-by-play data feeds at Real-Time.

Attract customers -Show your customers A Real-time comprehensive match statistics & insights: Players covered distance, Players heat- map, longest rally, Point streak and more live data.

Simple installation: Get LVision sports data API to integrate at your websites and applications. The Sports data feeds delivers via .json or .xml. At minimum Time and Costs.

We intend to covers most types of Sports very soon.
Today it’s tennis, just think about Tomorrow’s Opportunities…

Live Sports Data - LVision - Real Time Data

It’s all about the stats

  • Attract customers – New content of sports data
  • Efficiency -Smart data feeds transfer, Reduce data costs

  • Innovative – Tear down the current limitation of data provision

  • Be Unique – Real-Time new types of data