Tennis Betting Simulator

ML & AI Solution to Never-ending Tennis Revenues

Using advanced ML & AI algorithms, the Tennis Betting Simulator creates identical replays of original Tennis matches using over 1M historical match data.

An exact replica of the actions once taken on court, along with real-time odds, statistics, match analysis, and insights, all while hiding the original match information (players names, tournaments, dates, etc.) until its conclusion.

This unique spin of old matches offers a never-ending supply of new matches –  all to offer your customers a new and exciting take on Tennis betting, and increase user retention and turnover.

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Product Features

  • 24/7 Tennis matches with up to 300 events a day
  • One-set shootout format
  • High-quality Tennis visualization
  • Stats & analysis of match & players' performance
  • Original markets with pre-match & in-play odds
  • Hidden original match info - namers, tours, etc.
  • IFrame solution with simple & fast integration
  • Covering all pro tournametns - ATP, WTA and ITF