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Based on computer vision & AI, LVisions’ Betting & Animation Widget serves as a live match tracker by converting broadcasts into meaningful data and high-quality sports visualization.

Full live coverage with integrated bet slip showing in-play odds, real-time insights, and stats including the most in-depth player props data in the business.

Product Features

  • High quality sports visualization for second screen purposes
  • Full bet slip integration
  • Display main markets to increase retention and user experience
  • Real-time insights associated with live betting markets
  • Statistics and analysis of players’ performance
  • IFrame solution with a simple and fast integration process

Tennis Betting & Animation

The Tennis Betting & Animation Widget serves as a live Tennis match tracker fully integrated with bet slips. Providing full live coverage for ALL matches including professional tournaments – ATP, WTA, Challenger level, and ITF.

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  • Players’ location & pose estimation
  • Shots (Start, Placement, Type, Depth, Direction)
  • Serve (Position, Direction)
  • Players’ patterns and win ratio
  • Ball (Location, Speed)
  • Constant AI-driven insights 
  • Line calling (In/Out)

Basketball Betting & Animation

Providing real-time Basketball visualization serving as a live Basketball match tracker. Identifying all players, teams, positions, and ball locations, breaking down a players’ body into 17 parts telling his exact moves, guarding techniques, passes, and more, providing the highest level of analytics, data, and precision.

Basketball visualization
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  • Players’ location, pose estimation & teams
  • Shots (In / Out location)
  • Players’ patterns and win ratio
  • Ball (Holding player)
  • Constant AI-driven insights