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live sports experience for your sportsbook
Animations of all the match action
Boost your revenues through
new live sports content
Reduce data transfer costs
Improve customers experience
Real-Time data feeds
Full statistics & match analytics

Why LVision Sports Data


Entertainment for your customers

Attract Customers

Make your online Sportsbook more interactive and entertaining


With Sports Data Visualization

Customer Engagement

Boost your digital offer, keeping sports fans glued on your site generating more clicks and revenue.


Easy and Fully Customization

Brand Awareness

Increase brand awareness and get attention quickly

About us

LVision was founded in 2018. LVision leads innovation and technology to the next level, by converting live streaming into pure data, using our state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms

“Quality is more important than Quantity” – Using 1 single camera streaming, we strive to deliver in-depth information, in the most accurate way, committed to low latency.

Our machine learning algorithms keep optimizing every day, expanding the variety of statistics and data gathering we are able to provide.

Today it’s tennis, just think about tomorrow’s opportunities.

How it works?

Smart machine learning algorithms analyzing tennis streaming provided in real-time

Lvision makes some noise

Quality over Quantity

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Providing in-depth information, taking your business a leap forward

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