Turning Streaming into In-Depth Data

From a single camera stream to the highest quality of tennis analytics using computer vision & AI.


Based on computer vision & AI, LVision delivers a game changing innovation by conversion of video streams into meaningful data and statistics along with real-time insights.

  • Single camera broadcast tracking
  • Autonomous computer vision
  • No on-court setups
  • Real-time, fully scalable solutions


Sports betting

Smart mixture of historic and in-play tips, insights and stats for punters’ advantage in prediction of match winner, progress and other tennis related markets

Analytics & Coaching

Professional analysis of players’ shot selection, heatmaps and individual examination of specific points in the match including fully automated match tagging

Media & Broadcasters

Full statistical coverage and real-time visualization of the highest standards accompanied by comprehensive metadata on players and tournaments

Product Coverage

Players’ location & pose estimation


Start, Placement, Type, Depth, Direction


Position, Direction

Players' patterns and win ratio


Location, Speed, Spin

Constant AI-driven insights

Location, Speed, Spin

Line calling


Colleagues Speak About LVision

Sports data supplier / Innovation in sports betting software

Nominee of the most promising startup for 2019

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